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There will always be complications when going travelling, but getting the medication you need doesn't have to be one of them. Pharmica offers a range of treatments for common travel conditions. Everything from anti-malarials, to jet lag and first aid kits.

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Atovaquone and Proguanil is the generic form of Malarone, a medicine for effectively preventing malaria.

from £39.99

Reduce the symptoms of jet lag and help your body clock adjust faster to the new time zone.

from £15.99

Relieve temporary insomnia with these popular, effective sleeping aids.

from £4.99

Formulated from a blend of active ingredients traditionally used to improve sleep.

from £4.99

Relieve temporary insomnia with these effective sleeping tablets.

from £3.99

Reduce frequency and harden stools with this diarrhoea treatment.

from £3.99

Reduce diarrhoea symptoms and bowel movement frequency with these orodispersible tablets.

from £3.99

Malarone is a modern medicine for effectively preventing malaria and has fewer side effects.

from £39.99

Use Norethisterone tablets to safely delay your period for up to 17 days.

from £14.99

Lariam is used to prevent malaria with tablets taken once a week.

from £27.99

Treat allergies, insomnia or travel sickness with this effective antihistamine.

only £9.99

Rehydrate and replace essential salts your body has lost.

only £4.99

Reduce diarrhoea symptoms and harden stools with this effective treatment.

from £4.47
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Ana Carolina Goncalves
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