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Safe and effective feminine care products

We know that finding your essential feminine products online can be a challenge.

With a range of prescription and non-prescription feminine products from reputable and regulated brands, we’ve got everything you need in one place.

From emergency contraception and pregnancy tests, to period delay treatment and menstrual cups, get your feminine care products delivered as quickly as the same day from the UK’s most trusted online pharmacy.

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More than 99% accurate on the day of your missed period.

from £5.99

Gently deodorise with these hypoallergenic ph-balanced wipes to give you that all-day fresh feeling wherever you are.

from £2.99

Specially formulated to cleanse intimate skin whilst maintaining a healthy pH-balance.

only £3.49

Feminax Express provides fast and effective relief from cramps, muscular pain, and other symptoms associated with your period.

only £4.49

Stay protected and feeling fresh thanks to the innovative technologies in Always Ultra.

only £4.49

Gynaecologically tested and free from fragrances and dyes, Tampax Compak offers safe, comfortable protection when you need it most.

only £3.99

Enjoy cost-effective and eco-friendly period care with these reusable menstrual cups

only £19.99

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