Pain Relief Treatment

Fast, effective relief from head and body pain

Pain is a hugely prevalent health problem, with studies showing that as many as 28 million adults in the UK suffer from some form of chronic pain.

Living with pain can be a distressing and sometimes debilitating experience. But with the help of oral or topical painkillers, comfort is well within reach.

As one of the UK’s trusted online pharmacies, all the pain relief treatments we stock are approved by the Medicine and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA). See our full range below.

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Nurofen Plus is a powerful dual-action painkiller, providing immediate relief from mild to moderate pain when you need it most.

from £8.99

Feel more comfortable when getting injections with this fast-acting desensitising cream.

only £5.99

Effective for headaches, toothache, colds, and period pain. It can also be used to help lower a high temperature.

from £0.99

Ibuprofen is highly effective at providing fasting-acting relief from mild to moderate pain.

from £0.99

Feminax Express provides fast and effective relief from cramps, muscular pain, and other symptoms associated with your period.

only £4.49

Rapidly get rid of headaches and other pains with these dual-action painkillers.

only £4.99

Soothe painful muscles and joints with this long-lasting pain relief gel.

from £8.99

Receive powerful relief from headache and migraine pain with this effective treatment.

from £8.99

Made with broad-spectrum CBD extracted from organically grown hemp.

from £19.99

Naturally sweetened with a coconut-derived MCT carrier oil.

from £19.99

Voltarol gel provides fast and effective pain relief from sprains, strains and bruises helping aid recovery.

from £4.99

Treat pains and aches quickly with these popular branded painkillers

from £2.49

Improve mobility and protect your joints with these twice-daily topical gels

from £13.99

Alleviate pain and fever in young children with this safe and effective oral medicine.

from £4.99

A high strength CBD oil with 2 in 1 oral spray and oral drop heads.

from £49.99

Give your muscles the care they deserve with this soothing and lightly-fragranced CBD balm.

only £24.99

Enjoy a variety of perceived physical and mental health benefits with these easy-to-use CBD oil drops.

from £24.99

Treat pain and fever in children aged six and above with this safe, fast acting medicine.

from £4.99

Give your CBD some flavour with these mixed-fruit flavoured gummy bears.

only £17.99

Stimulate your body’s production of the natural painkiller - endorphins - and block the body’s pain signals using electrical nerve stimulation.

only £14.99

Replacement soft gel pads for use with the TENS Digital Pain Reliever.

only £5.99

Treat your skin with this smooth, silky twice-daily CBD moisturiser.

only £24.99

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